The Degree Course

Paper and Cardboard Engineering

Master’s degree in “Engineering of paper and cardboard” arises from the needs expressed by the representatives of the paper and cardboard industries.
The recent evolution of the modern manufacturing industry has highlighted the need to train balanced professional figures, in which the pursuit of high specialization in a specific sector can be harmonized by adequate interdisciplinary training, to allow the understanding, planning, management and governance of complex and certainly wide-ranging processes.
Paper and cardboard industry, together with the associated industries it generates and supports, fully share these characteristics and have the same problems and needs. In particular, due to the strong impact of this type of industry on resources and the environment, the issues of sustainability and circular economy are of particular importance today, requiring the optimal use of the scarce resources available, their correct recycling and , in short, a more harmonic integration of industrial complexes with the modern social fabric.

The course aims at training a specific professional figure for the paper and cardboard industry, who possesses knowledge and skills borrowed from different and complementary disciplines, able to consider the rapid evolution of technical skills in relation to the technologies that are enabling the new Industry 4.0 paradigm, starting from the digitization of machines and processes, up to their complete integration.


Graduates capable of meeting these important needs are ideally placed in the LM33 class of Mechanical Engineering, but also require in-depth and specific knowledge and skills deriving from the design, management and maintenance of the involved chemical processes (LM22, class of Chemical Engineering), automation and digitalization, energy and circular economy.
Our master’s degree, therefore, represents the ideal combination for the training of young engineers with the necessary skills to understand and manage the production and processing processes of paper and cardboard. Integration and multidisciplinary work can guarantee new professional opportunities and interesting effects on the scientific and productive world, both in terms of research and technological transfer of knowledge and technologies.
It is evident that specialized training can only be carried out if there is a strong synergy between the University, the business world and the local area.
Over the last few years, in support of the paper and converting district, a training chain has been built in the area that covers – with different levels of specialization – every school level, starting from high school. The master’s degree course aims to represent the highest point of this training, with the aim of becoming, in the short term, an international degree course to be activated with the various universities that are supporting the project.

Training activity

Master’s degree course provides specific technical knowledge of processes and products.
Among the main topics that will be suitably explored we may include: paper technology; paper chemistry; energy efficiency; electrical risk; logistics, production and plant maintenance; sustainability.
Students will also acquire the ability to monitor, analyze and evaluate complex systems characterized by machines, plants and automation technologies. In addition, they will be able to promote their improvement and optimization in terms of automation, electrical systems and information systems.
They will have the ability to analyze conceptual schemes and to evaluate technological processes taking due account of the legal, ecological and economic aspects and their sustainability.
The above in full respect of the safety and sustainability of the environment in a circular economy context.
Students will be able to communicate with managers in the various areas of expertise in the international arena, to present the results and to work cooperatively both as members and leaders of working groups.
Finally, they will be able to organize their own work and that of others independently, following the concepts of continuous learning, and to manage complex projects and promote research activities.

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